Making the decision to bring a pet into your home can be beneficial. While dogs and cats can provide companionship and love, these animals can alter your security needs. Many companion animals spend a significant amount of time at home alone. This alone time could put your dog or cat in a compromising position or cause your companion animal to accidentally trigger your home's alarm system.

Here are three features you should consider adding to your home security system to make your alarm more pet-friendly in the future:

1. Video Surveillance

Having the ability to check in on your pet from a remote location can be beneficial. Not only will you be able to keep tabs on your pet's activities throughout the day, but you will be able to monitor your pet's health and well-being as well.

You should consider the addition of video surveillance to your home alarm system. Live video feeds that can be accessed with a cell phone or tablet can help you increase both your home's and your pet's safety levels in the future.

2. Environmental Monitoring

In addition to alerting you to a potential security breach, your home alarm system can monitor the environment within your home and send out an alert when harmful changes are detected.

A pet that is left home alone doesn't have the ability to call for help when carbon monoxide levels rise, a fire breaks out, or a water pipe bursts. By adding environmental monitoring to your home security system, your alarm can notify the proper authorities when one of these environmental changes is detected.

Emergency crews will automatically be dispatched to your home, helping to save both your pet and your home from serious harm.

3. Motion Sensor Identification

Many home security systems rely on a series of motion sensors to help detect an intruder. Since your pet will likely be moving throughout your home during the day, he or she could set these motion sensors off and trigger an emergency response.

To avoid false alarms, you should add a motion sensor identification element to your home security system. This feature allows you to set a minimum height and weight requirement when it comes to the triggering of a motion sensor so that your pet will be able to freely pass by without setting off any alarms but a human being will not.

Making your home security system more pet-friendly will ensure that both your companion animal and your home enjoy maximum protection in the future. Contact a company like Tele-Plus for more information and assistance.